Bluetooth Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Clinically-Tested Accuracy - FDA & CE approved, with advanced technology to ensure accurate, consistent and reliable readings.
  • Convenient Tracking - Stores up to 60 readings for 2 users each (120 readings total). Download accompanying free iOS and Android mobile apps to conveniently save and track unlimited readings to your phone or tablet.
  • Comfortable and Easy to Use - Fully automatic. Fit the arm cuff, and receive blood pressure and heart rate readings with the touch of a button. Extra-large, backlit LCD is clear and easy to read, even in dark rooms.
  • Adjustable Cuff & Result Alerts - Integrated hook-and-loop fasteners allow the cuff to fit standard and large adult arms, from 22cm (8 3/4”) to 42cm (16 1/2”). The monitor shows comparison of user blood pressure to normal pressure readings, and also warns for irregular heartbeats.
  • What You Receive - 1byone Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor, nylon storage case, instruction manual, 30-day full refund and 24-month warranty. Please note the monitor is powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included) or 1byone Blood Pressure Monitor AC Adapter (not included, available on Amazon).

1byone Bluetooth Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is fully automatic and provides systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings and heart rate with a touch of a button. The fully adjustable arm cuff fits adult arms of all types, and the monitor can run completely on battery power. 


1.FDA and CE approved. Accurate, consistent, and reliable. 
2.Press one button for blood pressure and heart rate readings. 
3.Extra-large LCD is clear and easy to read, even in dark rooms. 
4.Stores 60 readings for 2 users each for a total of 120 saved readings. 
5.Download free iOS and Android mobile app to store and track unlimited readings. 
6.Arm cuff uses integrated hook-and-loop fasteners to adjust for any adult arm size. 
7.Monitor provides of user blood pressure with normal pressure readings, and warns of irregular heartbeats. 
8.Can be powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included) or 1byone Blood Pressure Monitor AC Adapter (not included, available on Amazon). 


Cuff Adjustment Range: 22cm-42cm (8 3/4 in -16 1/2 in) 
Rated Cuff Pressure: 0mmHg~300mmHg
Measurement Pressure Range: SYS: 60mmHg~230mmHg DIA: 40mmHg~130mmHg 
Pulse Range: 40-199 beats/minute
Power: AC adapter (not included, available on Amazon):100~240V~50/60Hz, 0.3A Max Or 4 x AAA batteries (not included) 

In The Box 

1 x 1byone Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
1 x adjustable arm cuff
1 x instruction manual
1 x nylon storage case
Why do I seem to get different blood pressure readings at home than in the hospital clinic? 

Note: Blood pressure can fluctuate throughout the day due to weather, emotions, exercise, etc. Blood pressure may also fluctuate between the clinical environment (hospital) and home as a “white coat” effect means some patients’ blood pressures will increase in a clinic setting due to anxiety.

Can the monitor be connected to an AC adapter?

Yes, it can. This AC adapter is not included in the package. Search the ASIN number "B01E5886LW" in Amazon for a recommended AC adapter.

How to change units from Kpa to mmHg?

When the Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is powered off, press the "S" button for about 3 seconds to enter settings mode. Short press "S" to cycle through year, date, time, and unit settings. When unit settings have been reached, press "M" to switch between Kpa and mmHg. After selecting the desired unit, press "S" to confirm. All confirmed settings will be flashed on the display and then the display will turn off.

How to switch between user?

1. When the Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is off, press and hold the “M” button for 2 seconds to enter user settings mode. The user ID will blink.
2. Press the “M” button again to switch between user ID A and user ID B.
3. After selecting the desired user ID, press the “S” button to confirm. The display will then turn off.

Why does my blood pressure fluctuate throughout the day? How to get more accurate readings?

1. Blood pressure varies throughout the day due to a number of variables, including exercise, emotion, weather, etc. Blood pressure readings are also affected by the way the cuff is fitted and the position of the body during measurement. Thus daily measurements should be taken under the same environmental and body conditions to maintain relevant readings.
2. Taking medication may cause measurement results to vary more widely.
3. There may be a “white coat” effect, which means blood pressure may increase in clinical/hospital settings due to anxiety.
To get more accurate readings, we recommend following the directions below:
1. Rest for 5 minutes before taking a measurement. Takes 2-3 deep breaths before measurement begins.
2. Sit in an upright position, with the arm being measured resting on a table or chair arm and with palm facing up.
3. Place the cuff on the arm located on the same side of the body as your heart.
4. The cuff should be fitted to the upper arm, with the cuff positioned so the air tube is in line with the hand’s pinky finger. The cuff should not be too tight or loose, allowing 1 finger to fit between the cuff and your arm.
5. Stay still during the measurement.
6. Allow at least 5 minutes between any additional follow up measurements.

What does an E1 error message mean? How to fix this?

An E1 error means the cuff is not secure. To resolve this, wrap the cuff around the left (heart-side) arm again and make sure the cuff’s index mark is between the two white bars. You may also follow the instructions in the video on our product page.

How to connect the Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with a mobile device?

1. Turn on the mobile device’s Bluetooth and open the 1byone health.
2. When the Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is OFF, press and hold the “START/STOP” button to initiate pairing. The Bluetooth symbol will blink, indicating pairing is proceeding.
3. In the 1byone health choose “My Devices” to add a new device.
4. Select the “Smart BP Monitor 1585B” and then select the desired user ID to connect with. Select “User profile 1” for User A and “User profile 2” for User B.
5. If the connection is successful, “DONE” will be shown on the Arm Blood Pressure Monitor’s LCD. If pairing has failed, only Bluetooth and “ERR” will be shown on the LCD.
6. The Arm Blood Pressure Monitor will shut off after the pairing process is complete.
Note: After pairing is complete, measurement data will automatically synchronize with the 1byone health within seconds.

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