3.2 QT Multi-function Electric Air Fryer

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  • Multi-functional: Includes 8 preset smart programs (Warm-Up, Chips, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Meat, Cake, Fish) so you can easily cook all foods, from crispy fries to juicy steaks, with little to no oil or effort.
  • Save Time & Labor: Rapid air circulation makes cooking easy and fast, with most foods cooked within 30 minutes. Automatic and manually adjustable timer and temperature settings (170 °F - 400 °F) allow for a wide range of ingredients.
  • Healthy & Environmental: Compared with traditional cooking, this air fryer makes no smoke, and needs much less oil, providing your family with much healthier cooking and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Easy Operation & Cleaning: No need to be a professional chef. Healthy cooking is as simple as a press of a button. The basket and cooking shelf can be washed with hot water and dish soap using a non-abrasive sponge.
  • High Capacity: 3.2qt capacity easily allows cooking for a family of four and internal cooking shelf and basket can hold a variety of different sized ingredients.

What makes SimpleTaste Air Fryer different from other fryers? 

Cooking food with less or even no oil allows you and your family a healthier lifestyle. SimpleTaste Air Fryer uses rapid air circulation technology with multiple smart cooking programs to enable you to cook great food within 30 minutes or less. 

Use the built-in smart programs to automatically set proper cooking times and temperatures, or manually adjust these even further using our included cooking time/temperature table based on your ingredients. The air fryer will shut off automatically when the timer expires or press the 'cancel' button and it will shut off in 20 seconds. 

Please refer to the instruction manual carefully before using this air fryer. 

Safety Precautions: 

1.Do not immerse the appliance's housing in water or rinse under the tap due to its multi-electrical and heating components. 

2.Avoid any liquid entering the appliance to prevent electric shock or short-circuits. 

3.Keep all ingredients within the basket to prevent any contact with heating elements. 

4.Do not cover the air inlet and the air outlet when the appliance is operating. 

5.Filling the cooking shelf with oil may cause a fire hazard. 

6. Do not touch the inside of the appliance while it is operating. 


1.Unplug the appliance and let it cool down thoroughly. 

2. Make sure all parts are clean and dry and store in a dry place. 


Watt: 1400 

Voltage: 120v/60hz 

Timer: 0-30 minutes 

Temperature Controls: Yes 

# of Smart Cooking Programs: 8 

Temperature Range: 170 °F to 400 °F 

Capacity: 3.2 Quarts 

Overall Dimensions: 11-1/2"(W) x 13-1/2"(L) x 12-1/4"(H)

What part of the item is made of stainless steel?

The inside cooking part is made of stainless steel.
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