Door Stopper Alarm with Built-in Alert System

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  • Motion Sensor Function: Equipped with an advanced pressure sensor technology. Simply place the alarm behind any door and, when opened, the pressure on the doorstopper will activate the +90db Alarm.
  • Compatible with all 1byone alarm receivers: The door stopper can be configured to send out signals to a distant receiver.
  • On/off switch to toggle activation: The on/off switch will prevent the alarm from accidental sounding.
  • Low-battery indicator light: Light indicator flashes if the battery is low. Without batteries it can also work as a wedge to prevent the door from opening or closing.
  • Battery powered: No wiring or complicated installation. Requires only 3x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included).

Setting up the door stopper alarm is as easy as sliding the power switch to the "On" position and placing the alarm at the foot of the door you want to monitor. If an intruder attempts to open the door, the wedge -shaped design will prevent it from opening and activate an above 90dB alarm. The alarm will scare off would-be intruders and alert you at the same time. With secure gripping ability, the alarm can function as a door stopper that prevents a door from being opened.

Dual Function: Alarm & Door Stopper.

This product is designed as a simple door stopper but can also function as an alarm system.

Keeps Intruders Out.

The +90dB alarm will sound for 2 seconds and repeats itself three times. Any sneaking intruder should be effectively shocked!

No Installation Required.

The easiest setup ever. Add batteries (3x 1.5V AAA, not included) and switch on the door stopper. Done!

Usable Anywhere!

Main door, your college dorm, your office; this door stopper can hold any door or secure passage through the door. All you need is a general door in its common habitat.


The LED indicator silently warns you when the battery is nearly drained. The flashing LED will remind you once the battery is running low.

Technical Details:

Launch frequency range: 433 92MHz

Modulation type: ASK

Working voltage: DC 4.5V (AAA* 3)(not included)

Alarm current: < 100mA

Standby current: < 50uA

Transmit power: < 10mW

Emission current: < 20mA

Box Contents

1x door stopper alarm

1x user manual

Is the transmitter weatherproof?

So far with rain & heavy winds it has been fine
By lara1 on July 28, 2014

How do you shut it off

There is an on/off switch.
By DWW on August 29, 2016
There's a switch on the back
By Sheila Andrade on August 29, 2016
On/off switch on back side of unit.
By William Riley on August 30, 2016

does this work on hardwood floors

Yes, it does.
1byone Customer Service
By 1byone Products Inc. SELLER on September 13, 2016
Yes I've had no issues
By DebbieL on September 14, 2016
yes it does
By Richard Everett on September 13, 2016
It works on any floor as long as the top of the alarm fits under the door enough to be pressed down when the door is opened.
By Amazon Customer on September 14, 2016

Where can I hear the tunes played? OR would someone please give me a list of the tunes? Thanks!

Contact 1Byone and ask them. They are very helpful.
By C. L. on October 17, 2014

Can you program the transmitters so they won't conflict with the other units in the apartment building

If they have a similar model you might have an issue. If not you should be fine. I am next to other offices with door bells and nothing happens. I can check later today if it is programmable.
By Maria R. on May 6, 2015

Can you purchase additional transmitters - we need 2....

My thought would be yes in theory but if the supplier will only sell the complete units then you may be out of luck.
By sbpfstp on May 27, 2014

Does this work for a door that opens out

yes,it works good.
By John Cheng on June 28, 2016
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does this work on carpet

This door stopper will alarm when something press the inclined surface, if your carpet is heavy egough to press it, it will work. Thanks for your contact!
1byone Service Team
By 1byone Service Team on June 17, 2016

If the alarm is activated by someone pushing the door in and you are not home, does it keep sounding off or is there a time limit?

Yes the sound would Continue,until you turn off the button. It would be better if the door close back it would stop it the sound by itself,but it does not. I don't know if I just happen to get a defective one that I have to return m Mine.
By kelly on July 10, 2016

Answer: This door stopper will alarm when something press the inclined surface, if your sliding glass door can press it, it will work.
Best Regards,
1byone Service Team
By 1byone Products Inc. SELLER on March 15, 2017
sorry it only works on doors that can open up to it to activate it, like a typical interior door
By Gary Berry on March 15, 2017

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