Aluminium Video Door Phone

SKU#: 103NA-0002
  • Security Through Vision - The indoor 7-inch color monitor and outdoor doorbell with integrated HD video camera ensures you can both see and speak with all visitors.
  • RFID Cards and Remote Unlock System - Includes 2 RFID cards for keyless door entry using any electric door lock. Also remotely unlock up to 2 electric door/gate locks using the indoor color monitor for even better security and convenience.
  • Infrared LED Night Vision - Provides clear vision of visitors even in the darkness of night. LED light automatically turns on when visitors come within 9.8ft of the video doorbell.
  • Adjustable Camera Angle and Automatic Photo Capture - Camera angle can be manually adjusted by user for better outside viewing. Video doorbell automatically takes 2 photos of every visitor upon pressing of the pushbutton and stored in the indoor monitor’s memory.
  • Inter-Monitor Communication and Eight Languages - If two indoor video monitors are installed, users can call and communicate between them! Choose from 8 languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and more.
1byone Aluminium Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom Entry System, 7-inch Color Monitors IR Night Version, Adjustable HD Camera Angle and RF ID Cards for Convenient Opening Doors

1byone’s Video Door Phone Kit lets users see and speak to approaching visitors on a beautiful indoor 7-inch color monitor. Mounting the outdoor camera doorbell and indoor video monitor is incredibly easy, and included features such as automatic visitor photo capture and RFID door unlocking will bring even more peace of mind and convenience!

RFID Cards and Remote Unlock System

This kit includes two RFID cards for easy door unlocking. Connect any electronic door lock to the video doorbell system and simply swipe the RFID card against the outdoor video doorbell to unlock the door. Users can also remotely unlock up to two electronic door/gate locks using the indoor monitor!

Infrared LED Night Version

When the distance between visitors and monitor be within 9.8ft at night, The outdoor video doorbell’s LED light will automatically turn on when visitors come within 9.8 feet, allowing users clear vision of those approaching even in the darkness of night.

Automatic Visitor Photo Capture

The outdoor camera doorbell automatically snaps 2 photos of each visitor and stores these photos in the indoor monitor’s memory, allowing users returning home to view photos of the visitors that came.

Inter-Monitor Communication

If a second indoor monitor is installed, users can call and communicate between these two monitors. This is great for large homes where communication between different areas can be difficult. These two monitors will also both show visitors and can remotely open doors/gates.

Durable Construction

The outdoor camera doorbell is constructed using a full aluminum front panel for protection against vandalism. Waterproofing makes it suitable for all weather conditions including snow and rain. 

8 Languages to Choose From

Video Door Phone Kit supports English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Greek, and Polish

How can I order an additional monitor with this video doorbell?

Sorry to tell you that we do not have a separate monitor to sell. Would you mind it?

How long does the chime ring when i hit the doorbell button ??

The time of the chime ring is about 90 seconds.

How long does the chime ring if i press the doorbell button??? And can i press the button constantly during the chime sounds??

It is about 90 seconds. And we recommend you do not press the button constantly during the chime sounds.

Can I purchase the Button individually?


How long distance of wires can i run from gate to intercom, my driveway is about 600-700 feet long?

Recommended cable thicknesses based on wiring distances:

I need to install monitor on 2nd floor , is this wireless or how can I hide the cable up to 2nd floor ?

Hi, its not wireless. You have to use a cable. How you hide it is up to you.

Hi, can you use this system to an outside gate to your house. I need to replace my old Nutone intercom system. Can the old wires be used for this sys

Yes, it can control your gate lock. And if your old wires are the below specifications, you can use them.
Recommended cables based on wiring distances:

Will it auto unlock schlage model # fe595 cam 619 acc. if not what lock latch i need to get

Sorry I don't know. I didn't buy this item. I bought a doorbell.

Is it possible to register more rfid cards or remove/unregister lost rfid cards? And which type of rfid should be used?

There must be a mistake cuz I never bought this item.

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