Fog Machine Wired Timer Remote Controller

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SKU#: O00QT-0388
  • Trigger fog output automatically, works with 1byone fog machines, please don't used it with other brand fog machine, internal structure is different.
  • LED indicators display machine and controller state: Timer function on/off Continuous on/off Machine heating/ready.
  • 2 rotary knobs set interval and duration times Interval: 10 second to 200 second Duration: 5 second to 10 seconds. It also has a "manual fog" button, which you can use when you need to create an instant burst of fog. Easy to use. Sets up in seconds.
  • Receives power from fog machine; no extra plug needed. By using the "duration" and "timer" settings, you can create your perfect atmosphere. You also can set the machine to start and run for a specified time, and then wait a specified time to start again.
  • Imagine the fun and scare when you set this into a room with unsuspecting guests and they see the fog coming seemingly out of nowhere when they least expect it.

1Byone Fog Machine Timer Remote Control

Create an attractive graveyard scene this Halloween by controlling your fogging effect.Time is also great for plays and productions.

Operation Guidance: 
1.Plug the adapter into the socket of fog machine 
2.Press the red button(on/off switch), timer controller begin to work with the red indication light 
3.Press the green button(manual spray switch), Fog machine begin to spray with green indication light, release hand to stop spraying 
4.Press the yellow button(automatic timer switch), it is in the status of automatic timer spray, see below detailed methods: 
1)Left Knob(Duration spray time adjuster) 
Adjust time range: 05S-10S. For example: Turn knob clockwise to the end of right, once received the spray instruction from controller, spray automatically with duration 10S then stop to wait for another instruction 
2)Right Knob(Interval spray time adjuster) 
Adjust time range:10S-200S. For example: Turn knob clockwise to the end of right, the controller will have a spray instruction every 200S

Mine had no instructions. Does the tank need to be empty/dry when storing?

My experience with all fog machines is to empty the tank before long term storage. The solutions are water based and mold can grow and clog the tubing.

Is this great for an indoor Halloween party without the house fogging up. I am wanting fog more toward the floor for a spooky effect for our party.

Yes it is anazing.What you will need to do is somehow make the fog colder, colder the fog is the more "dense" it will be, making the fog denser than air will make it stay low. Here is a tutorial video on how to make such a thing :)

can this be used outside

Yes. You can used it ourside, but please do not use near water or outdoors in the rain because it was not waterproof.

Confused with cleaning instructions, or lack of, "cleaning shall only be done to the product surface"? "Empty Fog Liquid & clean the tank" with what?

I have never emptied the tank and cleaned it. I have blown out the vents but that's it. I use this for a Halloween display and it runs constantly 8am-10pm for about a month. They will usually last about two years. That's all I got. I hope this helps.

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