Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

SKU#: 200NA-0012
  • FREE LOCAL HDTV CHANNLES - For TV viewers who want to eliminate the monthly cable bill but still receive local stations, our HD TV Antenna is a no-fuss, top-notch antenna. Get access to local TV channels broadcast, like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, Fox and more over the air for free.
  • POWERFUL AMPLIFIER - Amplified TV antenna includes the most sophisticated signal booster with CleanPeakTM RF filtering technology, filtering out potential interference from cellular and FM signals in the area, boasting the gain for optimal performance, resulting in crystal clear picture better than cable and satellite providers.
  • PAPER-THIN DESIGN - It is slim, soft and lightweight and comes with 26FT Coax Cable, allowing you to place it from a variety of optimal locations, such as lay it flat on the table or stick it high on a window. Detachable Amplifier is included to enhance signals weakened by obstructions between you and broadcast towers.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - This antenna has Anti UV coating and weather resistant nish, and there's an outer braid that shields the coaxial cable from interference, and an outer sheath to protect the cable from the elements. Works rain or shine to bring you access to the sports, events, and other entertainment provided by local broadcasters in your area.

1byone Amplified Indoor/Outdoor Weather Resistant Digital HDTV Antenna

1. It’s super easy to set up (just connect the antenna to 'ANT IN' on the back of any HDTV and place it in an optimal position) and will score you all your local channels for free. 
2. The number of channels you can receive will be determined by what is being broadcast in your area. Channel reception will vary from location to location based on terrain (including trees, buildings, hills and mountains). The fewer obstructions, the better your chance of receiving strong digital signals. 

If your reception is sporadic or needs to be improved, try the helpful tips below,
1. Make sure the antenna is hooked up correctly and the source input is also correct.- Follow the provided instruction manual step by step.
2. Placing the antenna in a higher location may result in better reception.
3. Check a website such as or to see the exact direction of the nearest broadcast tower and face the antenna towards this tower.
4. If the TV antenna is placed indoor, suggest place it close to or on a window.
5. If your house is very close to the broadcast tower and the signal is already very strong, remove the amplifier and try again. 
Important: Always re-scan for channels whenever you move your antenna.

Frequency range: 47-230MHz, 470-700MHz
Receiving range: FM/VHF/UHF
Compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p/ ATSC/4K
Gain: 30dB
Output Level:100dBμV
Impedance: 75Ω
Noise figure: ≤3dB
Power Supply: Via USB Power Adapter(5V/200mA)

Package Contents:
1x26ft Cable with Waterproof Attachment
1xExternal Amplifier
1x5ft USB Power Cable
1xOptional USB Adapter 5V 200mA
2 x 3M Adhesive Mounting Stickers
2 x Screws and Plastic Chips
1xInstruction Manual
1xWarranty Card

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