Easy Chime Wireless Doorbell Operating at 500 feet

SKU#: O00QH-0761
  • Long Range up to 500ft /150m - Either you are occupied in the garden or kitchen, you will always be easily informed when someone is calling from outside. FCC, RoHS certified
  • 36 Different ringtones - There are 36 different ring tones with 3 levels of adjustable volume (High / Medium / Low) from 25-110dB
  • 3 Notification Modes - Press the Sound-and-Flash Button for your favored notification modes (Sound/LED Flash/Sound and LED Flash) Do remember the LED Flash mode is available when you don’t want to be disturbed
  • Expandable &DIY -You can DIY to meet your requirement by pairing additional receivers and push buttons. 1 Receiver can pair up to 5 Push buttons
  • Easy Installation - No batteries needed for the plug-in receiver. The push button can be fixed to the doorframe with the attached adhesive tapes. Besides, the push button is rated IP44 and weatherproof for outdoor use

Wireless Range: 500 ft / 150 m in the OPEN AIR
Tunes: 36 selectable options
Volume: 3 levels adjustable levels (25db to 110 db)
Receiver Power: AC 110V 50Hz
Transmitter POWER : DC 3V (CR2032)
Receiver Power Consumption:<0.3W
Transmitter Power Consumption: standby:<5uA; Working:<10mA
Waterproof (Transmitter): IP44

Box Contains
1 x Plugin Chimes (Receives)
1 x Push Button (Transmitter)
1 x Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
1 x 3 volts CR2032 Battery for Push Button
1 x User Manual

Can the transmitter be attached with screws?

Yes, you have to open up the remote and on the back plate, you need to drill the hole for the screw. There is enough distant for 2 small screws if necessary.

Is the transmitter water proof?

Yes, it is and thanks for your contact.

Does it go off by itself

Yes, it go off by itself when the sound is over. Thanks for your contact and wish you a good day!

How do I change the ringtone? I push the button but it always rings the same tone.

Please power off the unit and then re-pair them to change the ringtone.If it still can't be changed,feel free to contact us.

I have a multi family house amd we need to put 3 door bells, is itgoing to be a problem even if we buy 3 of them? How they will work if we get 3?

Tell Lucy that, according to the instructions, she can buy two doorbell sets and use the 3rd and 4th receiver as well as the original two as they should be on the same frequency and just use the one transmitter - she can't beat the price ! -bob

A different tone wont set how do i do this? I stop at the one i want but goes back to original one

Please press the melody seletor button on the receiver to choose a ringtone and then press the code pairing button to confirm it and press the push button. You will hear the tone you chose if the push button paired with the receiver successfully.

Does the plugin unit cover up both of the outlets on a duplex outlet?

If placed on bottom top outlet is still useable ,it probably will cover up it.

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