5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a Digital Scale

5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a Digital Scale

We’re constantly on the search for gadgets that make our lives easier! And with hectic lifestyles, who doesn’t want to save some extra time?

And the same goes for the kitchen as well. Cooking up your favorite meals takes a lot of time and dedication. So if you’re looking for a companion to make your time in the much more uncomplicated then consider getting a kitchen scale. Why do you need one, you wonder?

Read on!

1. Easy to use

Never used a kitchen scale before? It’s no big deal. The digital display shows you the weight of your ingredients and you can use the tare button to place a bowl on the scale and zero out the weight. Then simply toss in your ingredients while your scale guides your measurements.

2. Accurate Measurements

Whether it’s baking a cake or cooking up a storm, you’ll never have to worry about adding too much or too less of anything once you use a digital scale. And since all your favorite recipes require precise measurements, a scale will surely come in handy. Besides, as an added bonus you can use it measure just about anything else too!

5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a Digital Scale

3. Compact size

Thanks to its small size, you won’t have to worry about your kitchen counter getting cramped. Apart from that, they’re also lightweight and portable so moving them around or packing them up for storage will barely be a problem.

 4. Save time

Hate doing metric conversions? Luckily your digital scale will save you from doing all the extra math at just one touch of a button. So make cooking fun and get your own kitchen scale!

5. Fewer dishes to wash

It’s common to use measuring cups and bowls but the next thing you know you have a sink full of dishes to wash. With a digital scale, you don’t need any other utensils. Simply pour your ingredients straight into the measuring tray.

How to use a kitchen scale?

Once you learn how to use a digital scale, you’ll never want to turn back to your measuring cups. Following and making your favorite recipes is so much easier once you’ve got the correct measurements. So take a look at some tips if you’re new to the world of digital scales.

5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a Digital Scale

Using the ‘tare’ feature

Learning how to use a kitchen scale is the easiest thing to do. All kitchen scales have a button called ‘tare’ which resets the scale to zero when you press it. This means you can put a container on the scale, press the tare button and then fill up the container with your ingredients and weigh it.

In this way, the tare feature lets you weigh the ingredients accurately without including the weight of the container.

How to weigh combined ingredients

So you need to weigh and combine ingredients but don’t want to individually weigh them? Here’s where the tare button comes in handy yet again. All you need to do is:

  • Place your bowl on the scale, press tare and add the first ingredient.
  • After you’ve got the right amount press tare again to reset it back to zero and proceed to add the next ingredient.
  • Keep repeating these steps till you’ve added all your ingredients and it’s all done!

Using just one container you can weigh all your different ingredients and make cooking so much easier and faster too.

Taking care of your kitchen scale

5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs a Digital Scale

  •  Always place your scale on an even and level surface. This will ensure that you have an accurate measurement.
  •  Don’t overload your kitchen scale! Every scale has a maximum capacity and overloading it will damage your scale. Also, damage due to overloading is not covered under the warranty so check your scales capacity.
  •  Remember that your scale is not water-proof. Take care while cleaning your scale and don’t immerse it in water. Instead, use a damp cloth and dishwashing soap.
  •  If your kitchen scale has a low battery, it will not function properly and give you inaccurate measurements. So regularly check the batteries and replace them whenever needed. Most kitchen scales have an indicator on the LCD that will alert you when the battery is low.
  • Don’t tamper or roughly handle your kitchen scale. Shaking it, banging it down too hard or trying to tamper with the controls will only result in it getting damaged and these will not be covered under the warranty either.

All in all, using a scale in the kitchen will change your cooking style completely.What’s even cooler is that even though a kitchen scale is so useful they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. For $10.99 you can get your own Digital Kitchen Scale on Amazon. 

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