Perfect Spiral Slicer- Why It's a Cook's Best Friend

Perfect Spiral Slicer- Why It's a Cook's Best Friend

The knife is a very important tool and an essential part of our basic food necessities. Even in cultures where utensils such as spoons and forks are not generally used, knives are used to cut, slice, and dice food. This includes Muslim culture, in which eating with the right hand is preferred, and in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese culture, where chopsticks are common.

All knives though face a common problem; their steel edges will become dull over time. Knives become dull due to frequent use, oxidation, and improper cutting surfaces. There are many options available to make a knives sharp edge last, and also to sharpen a dull edge.

Never has it been so easy to join the spiralizing trend! We proudly introduce the SimpleTast Spiral Slicer, the fun and easy way to create fresh, healthy meals for the entire family. With 5 interchangeable versatile blades, create curly noodles, spiral twists and pretty ribbons in minutes using fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shredding Your Vegetables with a Spiral Slicer

Use Spiral Slicer for a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, from apples and pears to potatoes, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, beetroot, and more. Easily make zucchini noodles, curly fried potatoes, carrot noodles, and apples spiral. Everything tastes absolutely delicious while still retaining its natural nutrients and minerals. 

Every cooking lover Need Proper Cutting Tools

An electric knife sharpener helps keep the knives in tiptop condition. While sharpening the knife it is clamped in the fixture and after setting the desired angle. In this sense, the sharpener offers precise performance that is a must in obtaining perfect edge of your knife. This means that the dull edge of the knife will sharpen easily. Indeed, it is a great tool that eliminates the tedious work of manual sharpeners as it provides precise sharp knife edge.

The best spiral slicer for anyone on a raw food and low carb diet! A perfect gift for moms, cooks, and healthy-conscious friends. Also helps parents by making vegetables more attractive to children. Keep life fun, easy, and healthy. One year warranty, so contact us immediately if there is anything we can assist you with to make your experience even better.

Tips to use the 5 Blades Cutter

1.Lightly press the slicer on a stable and smooth surface so the suction cups at its base attached to the surface. 

2.Choose a blade and slide it into the slicer's blade holder until it audibly snaps into place. Take care to avoid directly touching the blade's sharp surfaces. 

3.Secure a fruit or vegetable into the slicer's food holder. 

4. Rotate the turning handle to move the piece of fruit or vegetable towards the slicer.

Make sure your knives are always ready to bring their sharpest, safest edge to the job. A 5 Blades Spiralizer(US) is your best bet for performance, efficiency, and safety.


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