Replace your Caddie with the reliable 1byone Rangefinder

Replace your Caddie with the reliable 1byone Rangefinder

Golf players need to measure the distance of the golf course and the golf points, therefore, a laser rangefinder is required. There are GPS rangefinders and laser rangefinders available. GPS rangefinders find the distances very fast and more accurate as they use satellite signals which eliminate the need for different target modes. To improve measurement accuracy in laser rangefinders, you can also have different target modes that can help you zero into the flagstick, ignore water droplets, and can even adjust for inclines and declines that can affect your distance to the hole.

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Different Laser Rangefinder Modes:

First Target Priority Mode

The golf laser rangefinders use a first target priority mode to get the most accurate distance to your target. It tries to ignore the incoming obstructions in its paths like mounds, trees or anything else. Fire the laser to the nearest point, it will search for the nearest target and provide you the nearest distance. The nearest distance is usually the flagstick.

Pin Seeking Mode

The pin seeking modes are especially worth investing in because they can make ranging for that flagstick even faster and accurate than before. While in the first target priority mode

Designed to specifically seek for and zero onto flagstick, these modes are enhanced to provide confirmation that it’s locked to the flag.

Distance target Priority mode

This is called as the second target priority mode, hunting rangefinders use this mode but the golf players don’t use it this much. It works by ignoring all foreground distractions to acquire the furthest distance. This mode makes the device versatile.

golf ranger finder

Fog or rain mode

This mode is useful when you play in rain. The rain particles can interfere with the range since water droplets can refract the laser emissions which ultimately prevents it from acquiring accurate distances. But, if the rangefinder has this override technology, such as a fog mode or rain mode, to still obtain an accurate and true distance, then it would be worth every penny you spent on it.

Angle/Slope Compensation Mode

Similar to the other modes it acquires a distance to the hole, but it will also take into consideration the degree of any incline or decline on the course that can affect that distance.

golf ranger finder

The rangefinder can replace your book-carrying caddie.

And moreover, these rangefinders help you find the accurate distance to the hole, what else you want?

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