Improve Your Oral Health with Naturalife Oral Water Flosser

Improve Your Oral Health with Naturalife Oral Water Flosser

We are being told since childhood to take care of our teeth so that we don’t develop cavities. Dental hygiene is a basic necessity and has to be taken care of since childhood. Dental flossing is changing the way we look at dental care. There are traditional ways as well as modern.

Traditional flosser had some drawbacks, the conventional string flossers:

  • It hurts their gums
  • It gets stuck in their teeth
  • They find it too fiddly
  • It takes too long

A modern flosser is a machine who take care of your wide smile. The  Water jet flossers (also known as oral irrigators) address all of these issues by making the process quicker, easier, and gentler on teeth.

Flossing off your teeth prevents bad odor, removal of extra food debris stuck, good oral hygiene and a lot more. Thus flossing your teeth regularly should be a habit.

Dr. Samantha Rawdin DMD explains, “With a water pick, you want to close your lips slightly around the tip of it and lean over the sink so water doesn’t go everywhere. Then you’ll want to direct the tip of the water flosser down toward the gums and go in a scalloped motion along the gumline of each tooth on both the inside and outside — and accept that it’s going to be a little messy during the learning curve.”

Finding the best Water Flosser is a tricky thing with so many options being available, we give you the best pick available on Amazon.

Naturalife Dental Flosser

  1. Easy interchangeable tips to get the best out of Naturalife dental floss.  
  2. The dial controlling the pressure gives a wide range that accommodates everyone's comfort level from kids to oldies.
  3. It can be mounted on the wall where your children won’t reach or also can be placed on the sink, table or desk.
  4. Includes 4 classic jet tips and 1 peridontal tip with individually colored rings so that you can choose your favorite color.
  5. It sends out 1200 water pulses per minute so that it cleans the harshest of plague, food debris and harmful bacteria.
  6. Convenient on/off switch on the flosser’s handle temporarily stops water flow. 


1 x Naturalife Water Flosser
4 x classic jet tips
1 x periodontal tip
1 x screws bag

Get the best  Naturalife denatal flosser with 90-day full refund and12 month warranty.

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